TAG Articles

Planning Update (Published July 2020)

Secure Act Report (Published June 2020)

Gotta Raise Taxes? (Published June 2020)

So What's Next? Pt 2 (Published May 2020)

So What's Next? Pt 1 (Published April 2020)

Bottom of the Market? (Published March 2020)

TAG information regarding COVID & Webinar Schedules (Published March 2020)

Coronavirus Actions & Information (Published March 2020)

A Quick Look at Recessions and Market Crashes (Published March 2020)

Market Volatility Update  (Published March 2020)

The Market Sell-Off and Coronavirus: An Investor’s Perspective (Published February 2020)

Historic Look at Equity Market Volatility (Published September 2018)

Credit Hurricane Approaching! (Published August 2017)


TAG Quarterly Newsletters

TAG Quarterly Newsletter 2020Q2 (Published July 2020)

TAG Quarterly Newsletter 2020Q1 (Published April 2020)

TAG Special Tax Report 2020 (published February 2020)

TAG Quarterly Newsletter 2019Q4 (published January 2020)