Financial Planning

The Advisory Group is a Registered Investment Advisor comprised of a select group of Financial Professionals and Planners who offer a variety of financial services to help build clients' financial independence.  We have chosen to be independent of investment and insurance companies so we can represent clients in making important decisions based on unbiased advice.  We coordinate both business and personal financial planning to potentially enhance results.

The Advisory Group is registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940 to provide investment advice and financial planning.   Our disclosure document is available on-line for your review.  Please see our disclosure page for more details.

Financial planning encompasses far more than just investment management.  "Financial Planning is a collaborative process that helps maximize a Client’s potential for meeting life goals through Financial Advice that integrates relevant elements of the Client’s personal and financial circumstances." - CFP Board Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct, 2018. 

We believe all advice and recommendations should only be made after we thoroughly understand our clients' values, attitudes, money histories, goals and dreams.  We are convinced that knowledgeable clients make wiser decisions, so we take extra time to educate our clients. Each plan or financial review is individually prepared to take care of your individual needs.

Through the process, we maintain our core values of

  • Integrity
  • Expertise
  • Education
  • Respect

Our Mission is...

To provide our clients with professional, attentive and customized service through a long-term partnership to meet our clients' personal financial objectives.


As might be expected from a firm with multiple CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® practitioners with decades of experience, The Advisory Group's goal is to provide extensive highly developed financial planning. Much of this knowledge and planning is provided as part of our service provided to clients of The Advisory Group.

There are many ways to get simplified “planning.” Basic analyses are even available for free on-line or from investment providers. Even The Advisory Group has “Problem Solvers” on our website that can provide simple solutions to many concerns.

For more detail analyses though, Advanced Planning with additional involvement from the experts and systems at The Advisory Group is called for. For these more complex analyses, The Advisory Group charges an additional fee based on our expectation of the work needed to provide analysis and solutions to your concerns. The Advisory Group Advisors also provide additional education in specific areas of need for our clients.

The Advisory Group strives to provide the sophisticated planning, higher level of expertise, and more detailed analysis required to handle these multifaceted areas of concern. The Advisory Group Advisors may need to coordinate with outside experts, such as attorneys and Certified Public Accountants who specialize in advanced areas of planning and who may need to charge their own fees for their services.

Most commonly, we find clients request Advanced Planning in the areas of:

  • Comprehensive Financial Plan
  • Detailed Financial Review
  • Financial Independence or Retirement Analysis
  • Advanced College Funding
  • Estate Settlement
  • Advanced Estate Planning
  • Advanced Risk Management Strategies
  • Business Strategy Planning and Execution
  • Employee Stock Option Divestiture Strategies

The Advisory Group also offers an on-going planning process where clients are updated regularly on the many aspects of their financial planning. For clients who may find that even the many services provided by our typical investment and insurance support does not fully address their more detailed needs, our on-going planning process provides a way for these needs to be met.

Our promise to you is: No Surprise Fees. Before anyone is charged a planning fee, an agreement detailing the work to be done and the fee to be charged will be signed by both The Advisory Group and the client. Proper disclosures, such as The Advisory Group's Disclosure Document, should be read and understood before proceeding with any planning agreement.

Consult with your Advisor to see the best way to meet your financial planning needs. We think you will appreciate the service that The Advisory Group provides. We look forward to helping you meet your personal financial objectives. New clients accepted by referral only.


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