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How We Get Paid

As you can tell from all the discussion of our services, your Advisor can do a lot for you. You know we can't do it for free. How do The Advisory Group Advisors make their money? It really boils down to we get paid 4 ways:

  1. The Advisory Group seeks long-term relationships. The first way we get paid is that you continue to work with us for the long-term and refer other qualified friends and family who you think will receive value in working with us. This is the best way we get paid. Many financial advisors spend a large portion of their time simply trying to find new people to work with. We spend very little as many of our clients want to share our services with others.
  2. There are services for which we charge a fee. If we do planning or money management for you, as an Investment Advisor Representative, we may charge a fee. Before anyone gets charged a fee, they sign an agreement which clearly states the fees that are involved, as well as the services that are being delivered. Except under rare circumstances, we do not charge an hourly fee. We WANT our clients to understand what is going on, so we like to respond thoroughly to questions and take whatever time is needed to explain how things work. If we were charging by the time, it might impact your willingness to ensure that things are explained clearly.
  3. If you implement in the many areas where we can help, we would make a standard fee or commission. There is no requirement that you implement through The Advisory Group or any of the other companies your Advisor might be set up with to provide these services. We encourage “trust but verify” for all of our services. In our many years of service our goal has been to offer superior resources and hope that our clients find this to be true.
  4. We joke that the fourth way we get paid is that “you can feed us.” There is really no requirement that anyone actually provide food for their Advisor or our professional Support Team, but we love getting treats from our clients. Cookies or other snacks are especially appreciated. When we have scheduled meetings in our office, we are happy to provide freshly baked cookies for you as well as coffee or bottled water.

It is our intent to be as open with our clients as possible. We are always ready to respond to questions on our compensation. We believe that we are providing great value to our clients for the compensation we receive. We hope you feel the same way.